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Digital Media Content & Communications Agency

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Digital Media Content & Communications Agency

The Mediakit agency, with credibility and respect for the reader, records news, information and events, managing a raw material of digital journalism, through a network of 13 Web sites that has created “first-line” “As well as business, tourist, cultural, social and entertainment content, and special editions – the Business Guide – are included in the titles of digital publications.


Digital Media Content & Communications Agency

An integrated communication factory operating in the New Economy area, developing proposals and projects in the field of digital publishing, corporate and political strategy and communication, Internet marketing, social media, PR and advertising.

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Social and Cultural connectivity

Creative Services

The organization and effective communication of the business is the foundation upon which a proper public and attractive corporate image is founded.


The purpose is clear. The message is clear. The means are valid and reliable. We define the goal, space and time. We are activating people and materials through.


We work in conjunction with organizational adaptation, according to needs and emerging new data.

Press Office

The media communication team focuses its interest in the integrated communication strategy of the politician with the citizen, with clear messages, creating prospects for continuity, friendliness and acceptance.

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The creative team

It’s about breaking formulas, dealing with dreams and ambition, and making the complex, simple. BASIC is about living two beats ahead of everyone else. We create experience in a digital world. Above anything else, this stands at the center of why we make, what we make. We are happy to work with individuals, small businesses or startups to transform new ideas into meaningful propositions. Our work relies on simplicity, functionality and effectiveness. Our methodology is research based and aligned with the objectives of each project. To extend our own thinking, we collaborate with creative specialists to form the proper teamwork for specific projects. This enabled us to create a network of associates that exchanges knowledge and experience.

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Our inhouse Web Agency

Meet onlinekit. An Athens based web design agency with over 10 years experience. Our web design agency that helps guide businesses through the digital landscape, designing beautiful experiences for their customers along the way. We connect brands with their customers through intelligent design, innovation, passion and integrity. Creating positive experiences that delight those who touch and see them. Our aim is to deliver positive digital experiences that make us proud. To achieve excellence, we challenge ourselves and those we work with. Making the uncomfortable comfortable. The complexity of technology platforms and marketing campaigns can be overwhelming. Sometimes people can overcomplicate digital. Our intention is the opposite. Tell a story that’s easy to understand. We are one data and can help you with your digital needs.

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Strategy &
PR Services

With an integrated strategy of communication, marketing, public relations and advertising, we strive to achieve the goals for our clients.By utilizing either the stand alone or the integrated media unit we manage, we provide a set of print and digital communication services, depending on the case, the needs and the data, working with the adaptive organization method.

Our team consists of experts in strategic analysis, communication, media, social media, web desighn, creative and advertising.We are directly connected to our customers and our desire is to constantly improve their goals.

Get Connected

Mediakit produces unique quality content and services and plans to expand their business to grow their audience and develop new mediums. If you want to join our network, don’t forget to say “Hello”.


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